Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Woundplast MP3 Where To Paste You Like And The Body Power

Scientist invent the woundplast MP3 that can work without battery. The MP3 does not need caught in the collar or pocket, as long as pasting your skin can play beautiful music.
It can not help but think of O+ Music Campaign, in such event, songs can be played on different media in promotional equipment.
This trendy looking MP3 is small, but perfectly formed, with play / stop button, and flexible speaker. It does not require batteries, the body heat emitted is enough to make it work properly. Shortcoming is that this MP3 capacity is very small, can hold an album of songs, and the volume can not be in accordance with the actual needs of the people to adjust.
Although we have not determine what the sound of Woundplast MP3 output, but the concept itself is worth exploring. When you exercise, or do not want to take up your hands, but you want to listen to music, this MP3 will come in handy by design.

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